Meet Lena Ski


You’re asking all the wrong questions…
So what should you be asking instead:

WHY: In a world of rising stars, everyone is clambering to outwit, outlast, outplay their way to the top. For what, recognition? In a world that’s thinking it needs to be seen for all the wrong reasons, I’m far more interested in leading from within. Letting my inner glow, my true colour palette, reveal itself to a whole new world.

WHAT IF: All things SuperNova started as a fascination, then it became a calling, a principle, a code, an expression of who I really I. And the more I quantum leaped into this journey, the more our DNA’s started to intertwine. The more I started to see this is more than just some really cool metaphor. I am a SuperNova. Unfolding.

With a background in Television, Theatre, Events and Entertainment (specifically the Music Industry), I know what it takes to be a star in the leading role of a great script on and off screen. Having brushed up and worked with corporates I saw the drive to be the leader of the pack: The thought leader, the innovator, the change maker, the magnetic expert! While in the esoteric realms, people just wanted to live with heart and pour out value like it’s an unstoppable waterfall. I saw the merits in both, but she also knew that no single side of the coin caught my heart or understood my soul. That’s why I made the commitment neither to heart nor to ego. Instead, I decided to create a purpose centered brand and business… SuperNova Style.

And that’s why I say it starts with a bang. For me that bang was pricking the comfort double continuously and landing head first into the unknown.

Because let’s face it … somehow, somewhere, you got mixed up into thinking it’s all about a lucky break…

That you need to sacrifice yourself or worse … sell out on your purpose … join the rat race and copy paste your passions.

And that’s just not right. It’s not authentic. And it’s actually just a whole lot of road kill.

Over the years I’ve worked with Artists, Musicians, Actors, Creatives, Marketers, Media-maniacs, Eventeers, Authors, Coaches, Lifestyle creators, and Spiritualists helping them create purposeful brands.

I’m is also honoured to be featured as an Ambassador for Our common purpose is to help people optimize their lives so we can change the world together. SuperNova’s move worlds – with or without knowing it, and this has been such a power house channel to super charge that.

The truth is the only divide from living your passion and being successful (with a bank account to match) is the one you buy into. Stop drawing lines in the sand. There’s no more sides to pick.

I’ve always been one of those people who jumps all in, and it took me a whole lot of inward journeying to realise why.

Some have even gone as far as to label it my souls purpose! Sure does feel like it sometimes (and no courtesy training wheels either – sigh!)

FLASHBACK TO 2010: I was running two companies at the time. Even though I loved being surrounded by creativity, and the media passes that went with it … I needed a change. I needed more. I needed to dig in deep, take the leap, and step into my real reason for being here. Why? because I’d become stuck in the very same box, and with that one single step I found it next to impossible to see another way. But I knew it existed.

For me, it really landed when I was invited to produced and co-authored a true life story for stage that toured South Africa. Working with the cast, diving into their stories, helping them heal, and seeing their transformation from the shadows to the spotlight still gives me goosebumps. Especially since most of them where labelled ‘disabled’. I’ll never forget Gladys Bullock, the Founder of SACDA saying “They’re just differently-abled, they have a different gift to offer the world”

The next year, I joined and started on my path to becoming a certified Coach.

And yet, when I first started coaching, something was missing and it held me back in more ways than one. I struggled to put myself out there, because I never felt complete. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the dynamics of Life Coaching but, I missed parts of me that I felt I left behind in the old world. Getting involved in training and supporting other life / business and leadership coaches, things started to click-click-boom. I’ve learnt the power of leaning in, doing the inner work, support, living from purpose, being bold and courageous, and making the shifts that bangs are made of.

I hear you saying the world needs to meet you, discover you, find you … as if it was up to the world to determine your success. The truth is the world is waiting for you to meet the moment. To step into the discoverable. And, to step into your greatness. How do you do that? Well, it starts with a bang.

And so the theme of this tale has been one of power.
Of rising up, stepping up, moving onwards – inwards – and upwards.

Not being trapped by the confines of commercialism, political correctness, or any other blegh notion.
Because power isn’t something to be caught, trapped, tamed, or draped over you like some robe.
That’s not power.

The true journey to ones power is owning and honouring, nurturing and loving, being the power within.

My power battles had been tiresome … so much so that I shy’d away from it. I chose to live in the deepest darkest corners of my greatness. Never letting the light seep in all the way. And despite outward appearances, inside I was incomplete, broken, with a bank account to match.While back on the surface, I had a backstage passes to festivals, businesses, creations, and movements. I had the power to turn things on and off, hire and fire, create or pivot, and even catch the media’s eye. But I believed there was always something more to learn, that I hadn’t earned my big break, that the credit went to my mentors or people with more credentials. Above all I felt I wasn’t worthy. Instead, I kept holding the intention of wanting to step into power … like it was an elusive butterfly to pounce on.

And when I made my bang … when life and death took on new meanings, when what it felt to be truly alive held it’s highest frequency – everything changed. I was no longer under the radar. I was in my life.

Everything changed. A SuperNova was born … and that was a start of a whole new chapter.

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