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Recently, I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts of bridging a new world, and what’s actually possible … Honestly, the world just came undone at the question. No word count could ever answer that. So instead I published the following article in the How Now Publication (the first ever Sustainable Brands inspired publication) :

What if we stopped trying to manage systems, expectations, outcomes, variables, and tasks? Instead of living in a reactive – responsive – resolving culture, what if we created ecosystems that allow for the emergence of new creations. What could be possible then?

The world is shifting, fast! If we are going to move mountains, we are going to need to adapt, evolve, and navigate a series of unknowns. We could try and stay strategic about it, the way we have always been. That is the safe, calculated approach. Chances are that game’s run its course, and what got us here isn’t designed to get us any further.

With a personal desire to ‘co-imagine’ future possibilities and a personal next-level-purpose to create an ecosystem designed to help purpose-driven-entrepreneurs thrive, I chose to step out the frameworks of the conventional into one of imagination, intuition, and innocence…and I haven’t looked back since!

After all “Intuitive is the new intelligence, and that’s the new sexy”

Intuitive Quote (1)

The Magic of Circles.

I believe circles are ‘wholehearted networks’ of ‘wholistic connections’ creating an infinite flow of movement. They are evolving, self-sustaining, self-generative mediums that know no limits or boundaries. To step into the circle requires coming into consciousness, not process.

It was in this space that hit a brick wall when I defined a particular thread of The Global Movement Summit as a Think Tank. Something felt off. The energetic blueprint of it was all about chasing strategies, moulding systems, and pushing structures. This masculine-fused big brain approach designed to manage and maintain was not going to work. The world does not need more boxes. It needs more openings.

The pathway of intuitive design began to emerge as a process of Imagineering into that very unknown. With it came a whole new landscape. In that instant, I was reminded of a Universal wisdom: “Trust the seed. Not the form”

Open Form Structures.

We get so caught up in having to control all the variables that pre-define the end results, that we lose any scope for wonder. Meanwhile, the truth is we need to drop the need to know and desire to control, and connect to something bigger.

The only way I knew how to do it was to get out my way (still a work in progress) and design something from a new palette. Something open to progress, not process.

The big question is how does that work?

Immediately we get flung into the mechanical process of compartmentalizing the sum of the parts, without knowing what it is that we are dealing with. Perhaps we become too close to our own creations to manage objectivity? Or maybe, we are far too much embedded into the picture that we cannot phantom the grand design of this Universe in motion?

Perhaps these are all the wrong questions, when what we should really be asking is:

  • What if you could stay in the mystery of evolution, follow the thread of possibility, and tune into the openings?
  • What if we actual chose thriveability over settling for sustainability?
  • What if we shift conventional structures that are defined by hierarchy, control, and power

into an organic trinity governed by consciousness, purpose and ideas?

We live in a world of unknowns, on a quest to make the unknown knowable. To seek the answer and bring it forward into reality. I guess they call that Human Nature. Yet, opportunities are created when we open ourselves up for creativity (Something we are still re-learning). You don’t need to come up with wild revolutionary ideas; you just need to connect the openings in a meaningful, valuable and purposeful way. It’s our common mission of discoverability that might just change the world and co-create a new future. Imagine that …

Naturally I couldn’t resist in add this to this version:

And naturally I couldn’t end the story just there …



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