Start with a Bang!

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There comes a time, a tipping point, when you’re invited to be bold, daring, and true to your dreams.
When you know that deep down at the very core, you’re over fluffing pillows and rearranging the contours of your life.
When you realise that what you truly desire, lies outside this life that you’ve created.

It’s when you burst open to the thought that you deserve more, and the world deserves you! It’s the moment you awaken to who you could be, what you’re called to do, and what amazement you have to offer the world.

It’s time to show the world who you really are.

It’s time to switch things on and turn things up!

Being a SuperNova isn’t something that you do. It’s something that you are.

Isn’t it time that you allowed yourself to be amazing, to be awesome, to honour the wonder of what you have to share?

What gets covered in the book?

• What it means to step into your greatness
• What it means to honour the call to greatness
• Creating your vision
• Living your purpose
• Uncovering your calling
• Discovering what makes you unique
• Connecting with the kind of life you want to create
• Engaging with the incredible
• Playing in your zone of genius
• Learning how to glimmer

“Wow! Wow! Wow! It is totally AWESOME!! I love it. I resonated with it so easily, and it gave me insight as to how I show up when I connect with my SuperNova. Thank you”

Stephanie Zuvela