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“LOVE this podcast! If you are a spiritual person who lives their purpose and passion (or is searching for it) this show will inspire and astonish you. Thank you for creating the show, I’m definitely subscribing!”

Linda P. Jones
Linda P. JonesAmerica’s Wealth Mentor

“Great show with motivation for entrepreneurs!! Lena is awesome, and you WILL be inspired!”

Kevin Davids
Kevin DavidsPodcaster

“I really enjoy the show because it motivated me to step into my greatness. As a coach I especially resonated with the episode with Tanja. Decluttering does help in designing the life and business we desire. We are human beings not human doings.”

Nancy Gathencha
Nancy GathenchaLeadership Coach

“Lena’s energy is off the charts! I had the honor of being interviewed by her for the SuperNova podcast, and we had a wonderful time. Her questions, her insights and her exuberance made the experience a great one for me. Thanks so much Lena, for bringing your light to the world! ”

Karen Cappello
Karen CappelloExecutive Business Coach

“Lena is a very polished and charming interviewer. When I was a guest on her podcast, she made me feel very much at home. Her questions were very pertinent and designed to help pull out as much useful information for her listeners as possible. I was delighted with the experience and would definitely recommend working with her.”

Rachel S. Heslin
Rachel S. HeslinTransformational Author

“Lena was an inspiring and insightful host whilst she interviewed me for her podcast. I was impressed with her ability to hold space and steer our session with a professional and intelligent conversation. Thank you Lena!

Lisa Fitzpatrick
Lisa FitzpatrickSacred Womans Business Mentor

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I’ll never forget my first time on radio.

It was a student station, that reached hardly anyone … but the setup was intimidating none the less. With a huge mic forced in my face, and a fish tank experience of people looking in, I was sinking … fast.

All I knew was I wanted the 30 minutes to be over. I wanted to get out of there fast. That experience really pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone. That room felt like my kryptonite. Ever smile from the DJ felt like a sneer, and my mind became my own undoing.

I was chatting about the South African Music Industry and what it takes to make it … and I felt like such a pile of inaudible mush. I was surprised the DJ didn’t give my second interview away to someone else. I was shocked to be invited back a third time, and even more by the fact that I said yes.

That felt like a life time ago.

In fact, I almost forgot about it till now.

You see, ever since I was a kid I was convinced that somehow despite my 100’s of other passions, I’d be doing this very thing. Broadcasting. Podcasting specifically.
My inner Nova held true to that promise …