Touching Polarity

In a single moment, in a single breath, it rises within all of us. The stirrings of potential, the resonance of possibility, the murmurings of plausibility. The everything in the nothing. The nothing in the everything. And the things that occupy the spaces in-between. Where we leap into the wilderness of technological unknowns, and hold limited faith in the power of a dream. How can we leap so far, and fall so short? How can we dream so wildly, and see so little? How can we create a world, and destroy the planet?

Recently I overheard someone talking Tesla and not in the way I expected.

“How dare Elon Musk create something like the Tesla Car. I mean what the hell was he thinking? Why on earth should I support a man who is forcing me to do something I didn’t ask for in the first place? I mean seriously,  why should I have to power up my own car. I don’t want to do that. And now he’s here forcing us to do it. How’s that even ethical? What happened to freedom of choice?” he moaned, erupted, splattered oppression, anger, vengeance, and ignorance across the room. And then he took a sip of his mediocrity, while I fell out of this world.

Instantly, I saw the decades, centuries, and spaces of history where Man tried to make any form of advancement. You know actualize any kind of dream, and watched it being ripped to shreds by a mob of blood-thirsty pit bulls, and sneering  manikins.  How dare they invent light, or a flying machine and an iPod. What sacrilegious act of blasphemy! The room gets darker and the dark cobbled streets that paved the dark ages scatter across the room. I blink. I must have heard wrong. Not now. Not 2016. Not ever again.

His colleagues agreed in sheer delight. Either they bought it, believed it, got sold it, or dared not emerge with a contrasting notion. This I’ll never know. (Unless of course you happen to read this and send back some deeply wounded commentary, or vicious thoughts in comments below).  Sadly this is a truth of our current reality, I just never thought I’d literally be able to touch it. Feel it prick up the hairs on the back of my neck, or move my world to a new state of polarity.

And what rises loudest is this question of how dare there be another option? How dare you dangle change in my face? And with it the biggest question of all – do we need permission for innovation? Evolution really?! And if so, by what standards, and through what councils do these juries hang?

With that came polarity. Everything. Anything. Nothing. Order. Chaos. Sense. Rationalisation, and the power to dream. And with that suddenly the Universe feels a little bit too big again.

It’s been a while since I came across such a stubborn little junkie like this … and it’s taken a couple weeks of processing to just phantom it.

And yet, recently a similar thread came up in the WBECS (world business and executive coaching summit) conference. Where one of the speakers sighed at the thought that certain organisations still find it too radical to really create a culture of empowerment. Becuase what if it dares cause an uprising. What is it threatens the guys on top to actually have to rethink their business?

Again, not a new thought, but not something that’s effortlessly numbable either. I mean really?

And yet, there’s a poetic beautification about all of this. Not a paint it over photoshop campaign to make it digestible (and even cravable). Yet an rising of life as we know it. Evolution in motion. In dance. And the murky transitions that live within it. That is by no means a definition of it, and yet a fundamental piece of it.  Everything in context held together by polarities, and here we are touching them. Touching polarities.

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