Consider this your invitation to greatness

Instead of waiting for the world to discover you, make yourself discoverable. And when you LEAD with Purpose, Real Next-Level-Purpose, you move into the real of all things unstoppable.



All things SuperNova (Discover The SuperNova Principle)
How Conscious is Your Business
Supporting and Empowering Future Leaders
Creating a New Emerging Class of Agents of Change
Being the Predominent Creative Force in my Life (and helping you be that too!)
The Shift Age, and what it means to be a luminary in an ever expanding Universe
Meeting Luminaries, Thought Leaders, and Changing Makers around the world,
Threading Narratives
Investing in People and Ideas that matter. (Have you seen our Incubator yet?)
Creating authentic experiences, and leading an authentic brand!
Contributing to the greater good of the planet
Helping Entreprenuers hack thier highest game (it’s a combo of boldest game + biggest game + purpose)

The way people talk about purpose conventionally, is the same frequency as your passion. In fact, they mistake the two. They don’t see it as a doorway, a map, to what you are really up for. And when your passion runs its course, poof, you are reduced to pure nothingness. You have no purpose, life has no meaning, and you topple over into a black hole.

That’s not how purpose actually works. True purpose unfolds level by level by level. The only 5-year plan you actually need is to uncover your next level purpose. Because when you do just that, you take a stand for something you ( a brand stand ), you lead into your vision ( picking up luminary leadership skills along the way) and you create a new web of reality ( your business of possibility) and engage in a way you never engaged before ( authentic marketing )

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Overheard saying stuff like …

“Sometimes someone comes along and helps you to transform your life… Not in an airy-fairy kind of way but in a REAL, all-encompassing way!! In the both feet on the ground, heart wide open and clear mind, way! Thank you Lena, for being this special (and extra-ordinary) someone!! Being clear on my purpose has instantly changed my personal life and business, I am in my power… And not in my power from a dominant perspective, but in my power because I am absolutely clear about what I am here to do, bang on purpose! And having you on my side and by my side assures I stay on track, even when it can feel a little wobbly… Thank you for igniting my spark and your support in keeping it burning bright. A thousand thank you’s.”

Dawn Penny
Dawn Penny Guardian, Catalyst, Thought Leader

“Lena is a radical coach. By that I mean she stands out, walks her talk and goes one hundred miles to stand in the greatness of her clients. She has a remarkable coaching presence. I never feel that I am seeing her for single sessions and then forgotten about but that I am being held by her in between sessions too. Her VIP sessions are turbo-charged. She holds a quiet space, not missing a thing, moving between where I am emotionally, intellectually and spiritually like a true Warrior. She has helped me appreciate where I am leading from and what I am leaning into. Lena “sees” her clients deeply and is not afraid to mirror back the full version of what she observes, shadow and all.

Lena has a rare mixture of vision and practicality. So whilst she is able to hold the greatest of possibilities for her clients she has at her finger tips a wealth of ingenious business tools, structures and highly effective platforms to engineer entrepreneurial growth.

I am a coach. Lena is my coach. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a vehicle for evolution, working with her clients with intuition, deep wisdom, backbone and heart”

Wendy Ward
Wendy WardFounder of Presilience

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