What could your business deliver if you were in integrity with what is purposeful, matters, true and actually works?
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From Talent Development to Designing Growth Curves, Deepening Culture to Leadership from the inside out – a truly branded experience doesn’t stop in the marketing department. In fact, it takes working in Wholes to really create something Purposeful.
Preparing for Tomorrow's Business Opportunities

While everyone else seems to celebrate a culture of “hustling for your worthiness” and “blood sweat and tears” – business as usual has lost all sense of value for you. They keep saying; “build up your resilience” as if you’re enlisting for the Resistance – “everything will be fine.” You’re done with fine!


your calling

In a world that keeps changing, scaling, and wanting control, you remembered this actually meant something to you. You know it’s there. It’s worth it. You’re done with walking on eggshells – reacting to this, responding to that – because you have actual work you want to create.
Bite sized Wisdom, designed to keep you relevant, ask the right questions, and on Purpose - in your pocket
As a Purpose Strategist & True Growth Coach,
I’ve poured every pore of myself into the depths. I’ve unearthed the radical & the obviousness and built wisdom around each cornerstone. Above all, I’ve allowed myself the luxury to go there. Because these days cannot be lived from the comfort of a sofa, and no battleplans that really mattered came from the sidelines. They came from touching the dirt. Feeling the earth between one’s fingers.

I’ve worked in the harshest spotlights (the Film, TV, Media, Theatre, Events and Music Industries) where success is said to be made overnight, and it’s possible to be forgotten in less than that.

I know what it feels like to feel you’re invisible when you actually have respect – and how easy it is to think that visibility gives you that. (It doesn’t.)

I’ve chosen brave when it was hard. Integrity when it really wasn’t convenient. And I’ve fallen too.
But one thing I had was a Purpose Strategy threading through everything – and if you’ve met me – or heard of me you know why that’s so important.

I’ve helped entrepreneurs brave-up and step-up to dare the little things, the bold things, the get a job things, and disrupt an industry kinda things.

I’ve held space for true growth, and all the parts of your business – including the emotional blobs we all have.

I absolutely love leading powerful conversations, intuitive councils, and pioneering roundtables and think-tanks that refines the way business, leadership, branding, consciousness and purpose fuse together in order to create thriving markets.
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The #FutureofWork Is Evolving. Are You?

What you do on the inside impacts what you do on the outside. What you do on the outside sets the bar for who you really are – AND how you do business.

While everyone else likes to do things in silos, the futureofwork doesn’t like to colour inside the lines.

What if...

What if we worked with wholes - whole businesses, whole people, whole places and whole systems

What if we didn't disconnect Passion from Profit, or purpose from productivity

What if we changed the way we Bring Spaces Together

What if we actually took a (Brand)stand for something and made that our business

Purpose Strategist
Team coaching in South Africa
For Up and Coming / Scale Ups / Teams

Culture Analysis

Are you really who you say you are

Culture Creation

Ready. Set. Values. Purpose

Culture Tracking

Feedback loops for engagement

Setting up a Culture Department

Executive Coaching / Personal Development
For those who choose to take the Lead

True Growth Coaching

It's more than just a learning curve.

Find your Why

Unlock your personal brand (stand)

From Passion to Serious Play

Let’s make those ideas real

Integration Pack

Build a Purpose Strategy to match

" In a world where Talent works. Genius Creates "
Jade Khoury - Founder Low Impact Living
What everyone knows about me is I tend to think big. I’m a Creator. What fewer people know, is that I also tend to think deep. Lena was able to see that and help me lock in my purpose and merge big ideas with deep business thinking, without having to compromise my creativity. She was more than a soundboard; she embedded herself in research & development, got her hands dirty, and held a strategic role in scaling our passion project into something far more permanent. From team building to brand culture, partnerships to positioning – Lena held solid ground while everything around us scaled faster & bolder. And in the midst of our learning curve, she kept reminding all of us we’re human too. That business isn’t separate. That it’s part of our true nature – and it deserves just as much attention as the planet we are so passionate about.
Jade Khoury - Founder Low Impact Living
Gracious Gratitude Lena for the excellent service you provide as marketing coach. Your dedication and integrity to your craft is admirable. I have enjoyed the process of clarifying my message, creating a brand that feels authentic and which reflects the truth of who I am and what I offer. The business plan and marketing strategy you put together is a fantastic focusing anchor, and each milestone we achieve inspires me more and more. I can highly recommend your services to anyone who is ready to take that next courageous step in their business, and I can guarantee that they will NOT be disappointed with the abundant SuperNova magic you provide! Thank you!
Eleftheria Kakambouras - founder of Catalyst Facilitator Training
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