Signature Program
Executive Coaching & Team Facilitation

The world doesn't need more brave faces,

it needs more brave spaces.

Welcome to “The Brave Space”

Open Communications

When last did you give yourself the space to communicate the things that mattered in a way that matters?

Embodied Leadership

Top-Down or Bottom-up means nothing if it isn’t all-in. It’s time to create aspirational work spaces designed for true growth.


In a world gone Agile and Remote, this has nothing to do with time management and everything to do with your ability to show up.

Wholeness & Collaboration

The new operations strategy includes: boundaries, selfcare, autonomy, purpose, and connection over the burned-out shadows of who we were.

Learn how to brave the unknown.

Business & The Creative Process is filled with it.

What is the bravest thing you could do right now?

Learn to ask for help

Name things that aren't working for you

Get real with yourself

Re-negotiate a deal with your client

Setup boundaries and still feel respected

Make space from saving everything else and pick Team You

Why does this matter?

Have you ever noticed how all that innovation, design, communications and motivation comes to a screeching halt when Limiting Beliefs enter the room?

With every not allowed to be good enough,

not allowed to be capable,

or not allowed to have the capacity to create.

Pens run dry, lips run shut, and potential flounders.

Sounds familiar?
Then pick what happens next

Option 1:

We are quick to “label” problems, especially the disenfranchised, disempowered and sensitive ones. We separate our humanity in terms of privilege, equality, diversity, and equity; when these fears have no gender or skin tone. We choose to strip off our own humanity and silence our own voices because they are not allowed.

Option 2:

We can’t have that. It’s not allowed and it must be fixed. Every time we're out there seeking, responding, reacting to something that isn't working; we're constantly trying to push against it, rise above it, move it, change it, mould it, and make it work for us.

The Result?

More of the same old-same old things we’ve accepted as being 100% normal.

Spending $$$ on countless strategies without understanding the structure that will continue to produce the same results.

De-Humanizing the process.

Being Human really does take Practice

You might not be able to change the whole world but you can transform your working world.

What if we forgot what it really means to grow? To thrive, not this make-more-production stuff. To create value, not more junk. To create more freedom, not more things to get tied to, lost to, or buried under.

Let’s face it True Growth is more than profit above ALL costs.

And in a world, that’s reached its capacity, what if true growth isn’t more – but going deeper?

The future isn’t more, gluttony, quantity driven, endless consumption and greed.

I’m interested in bringing back quality, connection, depth and meaning.

Afterall, business as usual isn’t as usual anymore.

Perhaps it’s time to look at what we’re really aligned to and what we’re really “creating” in our lives, our businesses, our teams, our constellations and our habitats.
This is Perfect For You
If you...

...want to explore how to hold brave dreams

...are curious to find you unique blend of Brave

...are feeling compelled to lead the future of work

...want to bring more of yourself, your soul, and your brand into your business

...choose to explore what brave businesses look like (no superhero costumes or stunts needed)

...are ready to be challenged, supported and in charge

...want to empower your remote teams in meaningful ways

...are interested in designing for wholeness

Individual Group Sessions and Team Workshops available