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" Direction is more important than Speed "
Why you need a Purpose Strategist on your team
Bring Life into Work and make it Human

Shift management to nurturing and scaling into deepening.

Redesign Growth in every department, especially the human ones.

Create a workflow that plays instead of hiding behind "departmental" lines

" Lena Ski is a marvel and a delight to work with. Her deep and futuristic understanding of the power of purpose and how to bring it out of the people she works with is both intuitive and powerful "
Danielle Ehrlich - Experience & Service Design Consultant
Client Development:
Low impact living
Waste-Free Grocer, Cafe & Venue

From research and development to doing the market research.

From turning a passion project into a permanent business.

From personal branding to team building - No skills got wasted here.

Client Development:

Transforming an Industry has nothing to do with putting on a new coat of paint. It's a whole new spectrum.

From Brand Archetypes to Embedding Wellbeing into every part of the Brand Strategy. From Operations Strategy to the Human Experience, we're changing the world from within.

Client Development:
Dawn Penny
Life coach turned founder

In a world that tells you how to be someone else (especially when it comes to branding and marketing strategies) I help fellow Coaches and Consultants become the Authentic Leaders they really are.

Blending Personal, Branding and Business Development, I make sure every part gets the attention and support it deserves Includes Industry Trends and Future Skills Development

Proof that Magic lives outside your comfort zone
Wendy Ward Founder of Presilience
Change management

" Lena is a radical coach. By that I mean she stands out, walks her talk and goes one hundred miles to stand in the greatness of her clients. She has a remarkable coaching presence. I never feel that I am seeing her for single sessions and then forgotten about but that I am being held by her in between sessions too.

Her VIP sessions are turbo-charged. She holds a quiet space, not missing a thing, moving between where I am emotionally, intellectually and spiritually like a true Warrior. She has helped me appreciate where I am leading from and what I am leaning into. Lena “sees” her clients deeply and is not afraid to mirror back the full version of what she observes, shadow and all.

Lena has a rare mixture of vision and practicality. So, whilst she is able to hold the greatest of possibilities for her clients, she has at her finger tips a wealth of ingenious business tools, structures and highly effective platforms to engineer entrepreneurial growth. I am a coach. Lena is my coach. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a vehicle for evolution, working with her clients with intuition, deep wisdom, backbone and heart "

Wendy Ward Founder of Presilience
Change management
Kebonemorena Nthite, Founder Purpose-Full Living Network
Where Forward Thinking, Deliverables and Technology converge

" Lena is one exceptional human being. Her zoning skill in drawing out the relevant information about you for your brand architecture is truly meticulous, in the sense that she knows what questions to ask and how to ask them, and uses this information to design your brand.

I have found Lena to be truly knowledgeable as a business person and in the service that she is offering . She has in-depth knowledge in branding and is also intuitive enough to guide the vision of the brand. She seems to have vast knowledge of different of industries and I have also found that she is very good at keeping one on track and accountable.

I would recommend Lena to anyone who is looking at getting clarity on how to structure and focus your brand. Spending time with her to carve out your brand and niche is a special and enlightening experience that helps you learn more about yourself and where you are going. She is truly talented and gifted. A defining moment for me. "

Kebonemorena Nthite, Founder Purpose-Full Living Network
Where Forward Thinking, Deliverables and Technology converge
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